Our Services

My goal, to all my clients, is to create more value in their property by maintaining a high standard of management with exceptionally personalized customer service.


Hometown Property Management, LLC is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support to the communities we are privileged to serve.  We value homeowner input and opinions and look forward to providing you responsive, respectful, and thoughtful communications.  We pride ourselves on being small enough to continually surpass our clients’ high expectations by providing a personalized level of service simply unattainable by large management companies.

Whether you live in a condominium, a town home community or single family home association, HPM will customize a management plan to fit your neighborhood.



The following scope of services details my strategy on association management:


  1. Planning services
  • Develop a management plan for the operation of the Association which will include financial planning and other on-going responsibilities.
  • Perform a comprehensive inspection of all personal and real property.
  1. Annual meeting
  • Prepare and mail notices, proxies, ballots, and agendas in accordance with the requirements of the By-Laws.
  • Attend (1) meeting per year and take minutes, if requested.
  • Assist the Board in presentation of the management plan to the homeowners.
  1. Board Meetings
  • Schedule location, date, and time for meetings as called by the Board.
  • Prepare an agenda ( if not prepared by the Board President) of all items scheduled to be brought before the Board and mail to the Board one week prior to the meeting.
  • Provide for each Board Member in advance of the meeting the following reports:
    1. Financial statements showing current month and year-to-date expenditures and variances to the budget.
    2. Accounts in arrears with notes regarding action being taken for recovery.
    3. Disbursement summary for current month.
  • Attend monthly or quarterly Board meetings and record, type, and distribute       minutes.
  1. Operations
  • Contract for and oversee the performance of all maintenance work.
    1. Obtain bids when repairs are above the agreed limit set by the Board.
    2. In case of emergency, proceed with repairs immediately.
    3. Inspect all repairs to be sure they are satisfactory before disbursing Association funds.
  • Maintain a current inventory of association property.
  • Perform frequent inspections of the Association.
  • Negotiate contracts for necessary services.
  1. General Office Services
  • Prepare and mail all Association correspondence.
  • Maintain the following files:
    1. Copies of correspondence to and from homeowners, contractors, etc.
    2. Original of all meeting minutes.
    3. All rules and regulations.
    4. Contracts executed on behalf of the Association.
    5. All financial records of the Association.
  • Expenses associated with duplication and mailing will be paid by the Association.
  1. Financial Services
  • Establish and maintain books of accounts.
  • Establish bank accounts at financial institutions in a manner to indicate the custodial nature thereof.
  • Make timely deposits of Association funds and pay all authorized expenditures.
  • Establish individual accounts receivables for the posting of maintenance fees received from owners, within the computer system.
  • Pursue the collection of delinquent fees according to the policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors.
  • Prepare monthly financial reports for the Board.


  1. Legal Services
  • Maintain a liaison with a law firm in order to insure prompt filing of liens and suits.  The Association will be billed by the Attorney for such services, and the fees will be included in the law suit.


  1. Insurance Services
  • Prepare insurance bid specifications; solicit bids; evaluate bids for the Board’s review and discussion.
  • Execute insurance contracts as defined by the Board.
  • Review, screen, and process all insurance claims.


  1. Homeowner Relations
  • One-on-one personal attention to homeowners concerns.